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  • Guide:ELD Software Solutions: Past, Present, and Future The Journey from Awareness to Compliance

    What's Inside: Consequences of choosing a subpar ELD solution Benefits of choosing the right ELD solution How to choose the right ELD solution to stay compliant Benefits of adopting telematics software Read More
  • Webinar: Intelligent TollMetrics: Combining the Power of Fleet Data with Toll Management

    Bestpass and Vehicle Tracking Solutions have joined together to create TollMetrics, where users benefit from full visibility of nationwide toll usage across your fleet of vehicles, assets, and drivers. Learn the top 5 ways of combining the power of dynamic fleet management data and toll usage... Read More
  • Guide: Solving Mobile Workforce Challenges With Telematics Software

    Mobile workforce management aims to connect the dots between drivers, vehicles, and the office. New technology allows for better insight into fleet operations which allows fleet managers to make better, data-driven business decisions. The implementation of a solution could drive productivity,... Read More
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  • En Route With VTS: Fuel Management By

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), each year more than 6 billion gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline are wasted by idling vehicles. If you invest in a telematics software for your fleet, you can reduce fuel costs by monitoring driver behavior, mileage, excessive idling, and any... Read more
  • Top Ways it Pays to Track Your Assets and Heavy Equipment By

    Asset tracking is about more than just the location of drivers and vehicles, it's also about knowing where your movable and fixed assets are. By tracking assets, you can minimize cost and maximize profitability by monitoring the utilization of all assets. Just as vehicles need routine... Read more
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing a more proactive Online Fleet Maintenance Program By

    Bring vehicle maintenance to the next level by integrating with GPS tracking and telematics software. Read more
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