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White Papers for Automotive Fleet Leasing and Management

  • Top Ways it Pays to Track Your Assets and Heavy EquipmentBy

    Asset tracking is about more than just the location of drivers and vehicles, it's also about knowing where your movable and fixed assets are. By tracking assets, you can minimize cost and maximize profitability by monitoring the utilization of all assets. Just as vehicles need routine...
  • Which asset tracking technology is right for me?By

    Mobile equipment, such as trailers, trolleys, construction equipment, frac tanks, light towers, roll-off boxes, and containers, usually lack built-in sources of permanent power. In order to measure utilization and report location, asset/trailer tracking devices used for these applications must...
  • Beyond Telematics - How Video Predicts Risky BehaviorBy

    Telematics data alone doesn’t tell the whole story of what’s happening on the road and inside your driver’s vehicle—or, more importantly, why it’s happening.
  • Top 10 Best Practices for Fleet LeadersBy

    As a fleet leader, you were born to multi-task. One minute you’re busy juggling the needs of your vehicles and drivers, and the next you’re strategizing overall operational needs for the business. What does it take to make the most of your resources—checking off all of the items on your to-do...
  • Remarketing 101: The Impact of Seasonal Price Patterns On Fleet ReturnsBy

    Used-vehicle secondary market price patterns show that auction prices are influenced by seasonal factors. Understanding select concepts and related variables can help fleet managers leverage seasonal trends to maximize value for their organizations.
  • Lease vs. Reimbursement: 6 Reasons to Lease Your Fleet VehiclesBy

    Are you still reimbursing your employees for business miles traveled using their personal vehicles? That may seem easier than leasing vehicles through a fleet management company, but through our research and analysis we have discovered six reasons why leasing is a better option. Among some of...
  • How to Control Repair Costs, Reduce Vehicle Downtime and Streamline Your Maintenance ProcessBy

    A well-maintained fleet is a safer and more efficient fleet. And with today’s sophisticated GPS vehicle tracking and engine diagnostic systems, keeping your fleet in good condition is easier and more cost-effective than ever.
  • Enhance and Protect Your Brand Image with GPS TrackingBy

    Your vehicles are moving billboards, so make sure they represent your business in a positive light.
  • Identifying the Right Business Vehicle Strategy for the New EconomyBy

    Consumer and business spending appear to be rebounding. Many experts believe a new economy is unfolding—a business environment where inventories and spending patterns will remain lean, and where even greater agility will be a requisite for success. Organizations that remain unaltered and wait...