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  • SP Connect

    Get a 360-degree view of your operations in a single solution. Silent Passenger Connect is an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be added to third-party software to update Silent Passenger 24x7 in real time as well as update other systems with data from Silent Passenger. Read More
  • [Guide] 2019 Future of Telematics

    5 Trends to Watch Out for in the New Year Are you making the most of your telematics solution? If not, you could be missing out on key insights that could transform your business. This year, telematics solutions will connect your fleet to your organization. Telematics software is more than... Read More
  • Fleet Intelligence: Making the Most of Your Telematics Data to Drive Success

    Fleet Telematics: Faster, Intuitive, More Intelligent Fleet tracking and telematics is about more than just the numbers. It’s about what you do with those numbers. Telematics software pulls data from all aspects of your fleet’s operations. Now, you can be in the passenger seat of each of your... Read More
  • Guide: Putting Fleet Management Software to Work for the Public Sector

    Learn how public fleets across local governments and municipalities are using fleet management software to improve accountability and community satisfaction while achieving significant savings across their budgets. During this webinar we will show you how to: Maximize Your Workforce... Read More
  • Guide: Solving Mobile Workforce Challenges With Telematics Software

    Mobile workforce management aims to connect the dots between drivers, vehicles, and the office. New technology allows for better insight into fleet operations which allows fleet managers to make better, data-driven business decisions. The implementation of a solution could drive productivity,... Read More
  • Guide:ELD Software Solutions: Past, Present, and Future The Journey from Awareness to Compliance

    What's Inside: Consequences of choosing a subpar ELD solution Benefits of choosing the right ELD solution How to choose the right ELD solution to stay compliant Benefits of adopting telematics software Read More
  • SP Accessory Monitoring

    Silent Passenger supports a myriad of different device options, which are configurable for your specific fleet needs. With options including vehicle accessory monitoring – monitor your fleet utilization like never before. Using sensors that seamlessly integrate to onboard vehicle equipment, for... Read More
  • SP Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking is more than just the location of your mobile assets, vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment. It’s using technology to gain business critical intelligence for achieving goals and addressing challenges like theft prevention, maintenance and life cycle management, enterprise asset... Read More
  • SP Driver Identification

    With Silent Passenger® technology and a key fob reader installed in each vehicle for drivers to use in clocking-in, you can instantly determine who is behind the wheel of your vehicle – eliminating unauthorized use of fleet vehicles. Read More
  • SP Driver Safety Monitoring

    Our simple to use, SP Driver Safety module provides real-time alerts, as well as historical reports and trends within our driver behavior analysis and scorecard dashboards for detailed reporting. All reports are fully customizable to meet your company’s specific needs. • Keep Detailed Driver... Read More
  • SP Driver Scorecard

    The Driver Score Card in Silent Passenger takes driver scoring and fleet safety monitoring to the next level. As a Silent Passenger user, you can customize your driver scoring algorithm to meet your specific fleet safety goals and requirements. You can score your drivers based on the amount of... Read More
  • SP Fleet IQ

    Harness the real power of a fleet tracking solution using our interactive Fleet IQ dashboards. Configurable realtime updating dashboards deliver you actionable business intelligence on your mobile workforce so you can start understanding how your fleet’s performance impacts your business and... Read More
  • SP Fuel Management

    You may not realize it, but fuel consumption increases nearly 10% when your vehicles travel at just 5 mph over the speed limit. State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® technology and its SP Fuel Management module provide real-time reports for every vehicle in your enterprise fleet – including vital... Read More
  • SP Garmin 2-Way Messaging

    Send messages to drivers and equipment operators, and receive replies. Adding to the benefits of 2-way communication via messaging, also dispatch addresses or information about stops directly to the Garmin device in the vehicle, providing the driver or operator with one-touch turn-by-turn... Read More
  • SP Google Maps

    Utilizing the vast power and reach of Google Maps, Silent Passenger® makes it quick and easy to pinpoint the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet, 24x7. Proprietary split-screen views enable real-time monitoring of numerous vehicles simultaneously, providing a broad range of... Read More
  • SP Logbook® (HOS)

    Silent Passenger’s SP Logbook is your enhanced solution to meeting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirements while making it simple for your drivers and keeping your business the top priority. • Simple and fast Compliance... Read More
  • SP Multiview

    Silent Passenger puts the power to configure how you view your fleet in your hands! Whether you’d like an overview of your entire on the road team, specifics on one particular driver, traffic conditions or location – it’s all yours on one convenient screen. Read More
  • SP Quick View®

    Customer relationships are the lifeblood of any successful business. When customers are kept continually informed, those relationships grow...resulting in opportunities to increase your profitability. Read More
  • SP Routing

    Silent Passenger’s Routing module can dramatically improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire fleet. View all open jobs on a map and build routes visually via the map, then optimize each route to shorten travel times and lower fuel consumption. Also partner the routing module... Read More
  • SP Temperature Control

    Highly sensitive temperature probes can be installed in your vehicles, integrating with Silent Passenger software to assure precise temperature control. Silent Passenger Temperature technology is particularly beneficial in deliveries of such goods as foods and beverages where the cold chain... Read More
  • Webinar: Cutting Through The Noise: Making Fleet Analytics Work for You

    There’s a difference between just reporting and uncovering business intelligence. Harness the real power of a fleet tracking solution by using Silent Passenger’s interactive Fleet IQ dashboard. The configurable, real-time updating dashboard delivers actionable data on your mobile workforce, so... Read More
  • Webinar: How Fleet Safety Software Protects Your Drivers, Vehicles and Bottom Line

    Speeding, vehicle wear and tear, and accidents are all factors that drive risks, and unexpected costs for your fleet operations and overall business. We will conduct a demonstration of our SP Safety Product. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about driver safety management. Read More
  • Webinar: Implement an Online Fleet Maintenance Program

    Implementing an Online Fleet Maintenance Program Did you know that with an online fleet maintenance program you can avoid expensive breakdowns, vehicle downtime, and wear and tear? With real-time alerts about incidents, automatic scheduling reminders, and vehicle maintenance monitoring you can... Read More
  • Webinar: Intelligent TollMetrics: Combining the Power of Fleet Data with Toll Management

    Bestpass and Vehicle Tracking Solutions have joined together to create TollMetrics, where users benefit from full visibility of nationwide toll usage across your fleet of vehicles, assets, and drivers. Learn the top 5 ways of combining the power of dynamic fleet management data and toll usage... Read More
  • Webinar: Preparing Your Public Fleet For Seasonal Challenges

    During this webinar we will show you how to: Maximize Your Workforce Productivity Decrease Operational Costs by Improving Driver Behavior Increase Accountability for Seasonal Employees Control Fuel Consumption for Maximized Savings Improve Constituent Satisfaction with GIS Mapping... Read More
  • Webinar:Real-World Strategies to Reduce Fuel Costs by 20%

    The cost of fueling your fleet continues to rise year after year. When it comes to controlling fuel costs across your fleet, knowledge is power. Gaining insights into actionable data on MPG and actual consumption can help you make key decisions needed to drive a more fuel-efficient operation and... Read More

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