Vehicle Tracking Solutions Launches Fleet Management Software Module to Drive Customer Loyalty

Press Release from Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS) recently released their real-time fleet management customer loyalty module: Silent Passenger “SP” Quick View®. SP Quickview® was developed in-house by Vehicle Tracking Solutions to help thousands of fleet operators and their customers enhance customer loyalty. This mobile-friendly module was developed by VTS using responsive web design to support all platforms and devices.

The customers are now able to track the exact location of the delivery driver or service. Customers can instantly view where their delivery vehicle is in real-time. Silent Passenger QuickView® can be configured for each customer to grant or restrict access to specific data such as vehicle routes, ETA and driver information – keeping your customers continually informed. This provides customers peace of mind, empowering them to know who is coming to their residence while allowing them more scheduling flexibility. They no longer need to sit at home or rush from work to account for the large delivery time windows often created by delivery & service companies.

Large well-known companies like PC Richards & Son are already seeing the benefits.

“We wanted to do something different, something innovative to let our customers know when our trucks were on the way for a delivery or a service call,” said Gregg Richard, President, and CEO of PC Richards & Son. “We looked to VTS, and the result was a solution even better than we imagined.”

Find out more how Silent Passenger® can help your business increase profits and drive efficiency today.

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