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About OversprayUSA LLC

Why use OversprayUSA? Other methods involve the use of electric buffers or harsh compounds, which could scratch or even burn through the edges and most likely fade the finish. OversprayUSA's hand polishing system eliminates the risk of damage to the paint's finish. OversprayUSA satisfies the claimant by hand polishing, while releasing the casualty carrier and insured from all claims. OversprayUSA's hand polishing system will save hundreds to thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of repainting or replacing the damaged property. Time is critical in most cases. That's why OversprayUSA's mobile service is available anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours.

Rectifying An Overspray Accident

- Insured / Policy Holder oversprays automobiles, trucks, airplanes, buildings, etc... creating overspray problems

- Insured / Policy Holder reports overspray problem to insurance carrier/insurer

- Insurance Carrier Representative calls and assigns OversprayUSA to the overspray problem

- OversprayUSA contacts claimants and handles overspray problem by our hand polishing system

- Insurance Carrier / Insurer pays OversprayUSA for handling the necessary overspray problem repairs by using OversprayUSA's process.

**Final Results**

Everyone is satisfied, overspray problem is rectified and dollar savings occur.

Remember: "Quality Is Not Expensive It's Priceless!"

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