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  • Overspray Removal - State of the Art Cleaning

    STATE-OF-THE-ART cleaning is the third and final step in our liability reduction program. Our cleaning process eliminates the use of inferior cleaning methods such as buffing machines, compounds, solvents, razor blades, wet sand paper and clay bars, which can damage vehicle surfaces. Our unique... Read More
  • Hail Damage / Repair

    Here at Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc., we are qualified paint-less dent repair (PDR) technicians with many years of experience. We repair hail-damaged vehicles on site quickly and effectively. Our competitors cannot make the same promise, because without our quick response time and highly... Read More
  • Overspray Eraser Bar

    Our unique rubber overspray erasers are used exclusively by our company. They are superior to clay bars as they won't haze or scratch vehicle surfaces. We own the entire stock of these erasers as their manufacture is no longer producing them. Read More
White Papers by Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc.
  • Overspraying – What Painting Contractor Should Do If He Is Accused Of Overspraying A Vehicle. By

    When a contractor has taken all the steps to prevent an overspray occurrence and a claimant comes forward with the accusation that the contractor over sprayed his/her vehicle and the contractor believes he is not responsible, these are the steps he needs to take. Read more
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