IoT Company Automile Delivers Mobile Innovations for Fleet Management With Latest Product Release

Press Release from Automile Inc.

PALO ALTO, CA and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - May 24, 2016) -  Automile, leading provider of cloud-based, mobile and design-first solutions for fleet management, today announced the launch of its latest product release designed to further transform how companies manage their fleet operations and drivers. Leveraging the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Automile continues to elevate the connections between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles.

"Automile is committed to bringing fleet management into the modern age, leveraging mobile and big data to transform the way businesses manage their drivers, track fuel consumption and mileage, and, overall, operate more efficiently," said Jens Nylander, CEO and founder of Automile. "With our latest product innovations, we continue to pioneer new advancements in this space, helping companies replace their outdated, time-consuming and error-prone processes with automated, mobile-first technology. The result is a simple, more effective approach that delivers greater visibility, reduces risk and lowers costs."

Since its inception in 2013, Automile has revolutionized fleet management, transforming how businesses track and manage their fleets and drivers by delivering a level of ease of use and cost-effectiveness unmatched by legacy providers in the space. With its latest product release, Automile introduces enhanced functionality for web and mobile, derived directly from customer feedback, to further meet the current and future needs of today's organizations. The newest features include:

  • Driver Identification : The ability to track and benchmark driver behaviors is key to ensuring a safe fleet and mitigating potential risks. With Automile's new Driver Identification feature, businesses gain a 360-degree view of driver behaviors. As a result, businesses can reduce risks and prevent accidents, empowering fleet leaders and keeping their drivers safe.
  • Tasks and Messaging : Unexpected tasks are a reality in fleet management, and being able to deploy the right resource quickly is essential to success. With the new Tasks and Messaging feature, fleet leaders can leverage the mobile workforce, messaging workers immediately to delegate a task to the driver closest to the location.
  • Enhanced iOS and Android Mobile Apps:  New mobile features include an improved design for greater usability and a live map showing the current location of all vehicles. The enhanced mobile apps also enable users to create geofences, or virtual barriers, to better manage the fleet's activities. In addition, Automile's Tasks and Messaging feature is available on the mobile apps as well.
  • Expanded APIs:  Through its unique application program interface (API), Automile gives developers a simple way to build services and applications to solve for the broader challenges businesses face. Automile APIs now support more than 400 core features and 50 endpoints, empowering developers to access more data and enabling tighter integration to build a connected ecosystem.

These leading-edge features complement Automile's existing functionality, including its IRS-compliant mileage log, real-time tracking, detailed reports and timely alerts on speeding and other driving behaviors. The company also offers enhanced safety and security, providing businesses with visibility into unauthorized use of corporate vehicles, while gaining complete control over their assets. 

Automile offers businesses a 60-day trial at no cost. Learn more about Automile at:

About Automile
Automile revolutionizes fleet management through innovative, cloud-based, mobile-optimized and design-first experiences. Automile is used by business of all sizes across Europe and the United States to optimize fleet performance, gain greater visibility into their drivers and vehicles and ultimately improve the bottom line. With an innovative API and extensive partner program, Automile is committed to collaborating to ensure the best product possible for its customers. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Palo Alto, Calif., Automile continues to leverage IoT technology to disrupt the traditional approach to fleet management. Learn more at: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook


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