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It does not take a genius to figure out that the emphasis in traditional Vehicle sales is in the wrong place.

At Earnhardt Commercial/Fleet Division our Commercial Sales People are trained and certified in building a non-confrontational relationship with the customer not an adversarial atmosphere.

Our Commercial Sales System trained Salesperson takes the time up front to build a sincere, committed relationship and to learn in-depth about yours Wants, Needs and Desires.” This makes the entire sales process a positive experience and it ensures that the atmosphere will be cooperative rather than adversarial. Six key words describe how the Commercial Sales System sales process unfolds: Who, Where, What, Why, When, and How. Let us look at an overview of the process:

Who, helps them understand exactly what you require what is unique and what is basic, is our vehicle right for you. It takes some time, but your satisfaction much higher because we will be focusing our efforts only on your requirements.

Where, is the vehicle going to be used? Highway, Off Road, City Streets, etc. This will help us help you lower your operating cost by looking at tires, gear ratios, aerodynamics, etc.

What, Rather than delivering, a pitch we will explore options with you to develop solutions that you feel might work best in your situation. This is one of the most important steps of the process and the one most people skip or only partially complete. Without doing this step and understanding the customers true “Motives” completely we both cannot do the next step.

Why, should you and us Partner Together? Together will select the vehicles and service that you require. You will have more input into the creation and the selection of options than us, we are only there to guide you. This process ensures that you will be as committed to implementing the solution as we are. After all, why would you invest your time with us in creating a solution if we were not committed to you and your vehicle needs.

When, This step is the logical conclusion to the Earnhardt Commercial/Fleet Customer Service process. You are not ending the process you are beginning the relationship. Confirmation becomes a question of when, not if. When your team and our team follow this procedure we will both have less problems and more satisfaction.

How-Customer Satisfaction – Follow-Up
The final step begins immediately after the sale. We change hats from “salesperson” to “quality-control person.” We will help your team track their results and analyze the effectiveness of your solution.

Call Mike Scott with all of your Vehicle Needs

We will always give you Fleet Rebate or Retail Rebate which ever is best for you. Our pricing policy for each account is set by myself and honored always. Please give us an opportunity to satisfy your vehicle requirements.

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