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  • Fleet Maintenance Software Solutions for Emergency Services

    Operating and maintaining an Emergency Service Fleets implies a lot of scrutiny from the public as well as liability issues. When vehicle reliability, performance and availability are critical, RTA will provide you the needed information to operate your maintenance program with 100% confidence.... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Maintenance for Schools & University Fleets

    Fleet Maintenance in the world of pupil transportation brings with it special concerns about safety and reliability. School districts large and small as well as Universities from coast to coast of all sizes and varieties are using the RTA Fleet Management System to effectively and safely manage... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Maintenance Software

    The RTA Fleet Maintenance Software is the most feature-rich software package available on the market, yet it is affordably priced to fit your budget! If you have a single fleet maintenance location, or several hundred, RTA offers an "off-the-shelf" fleet maintenance software solution that fits -... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Maintenance Software for Food Distribution Fleets

    Food and produce delivery is a competitive industry so finding an edge has become a requirement for successful fleets. RTA can give you that edge you need to do it better and more efficiently than your competition. When it’s all about delivery cost and timeliness you can do it better than the... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Management Public Works/Road and Bridge

    Operating a fleet of Public Works equipment is a challenging task. The variety of equipment and the different environments in which they operate require a special set of management styles to keep them functioning. The RTA Fleet Management system provides flexibility allowing you to operate a... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Management Software for Construction Fleets

    Construction Fleets have their own set of problems that make it much more difficult to manage. Multiple job-sites, off site repairs, and heavy-duty abuse add a level of complexity to managing the Construction fleet. RTA “feels your pain” and can offer you a great solution to your issues.... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Tracking Systems for Touring Coaches and Limos

    Customer satisfaction, safety and a good experience are keys for successful operation in this industry. With proper maintenance of your fleet, you provide equipment that runs, runs well and gets the client to their destination with no “interruptions”. The RTA Fleet Management System gives you... Read More
  • RTA Fleet Tracking Systems for Transit Fleets

    Transit Fleets seem to always get more scrutiny when it comes to safety and reliability of the equipment. With riderships increasing and utilization of your equipment at a premium, RTA can put your fears at ease by helping you manage your fleet to ensure it is both reliable and safe. Hundreds of... Read More
  • Software Solutions for Government Fleets

    Managing a fleet for the public can be a daunting task. With so much focus on saving taxpayer dollars, you have to squeeze every penny out of your fleet. RTA can be your best friend when it comes to squeezing pennies and saving dollars. Whether you are tracking Facilities, Equipment or your... Read More
  • Software Solutions for Utility Fleets

    Managing a utility fleet is a demanding job no matter how you slice it. Whether you have a fleet of repair trucks (plumbers, electricians, lawn crew, etc) of you are a major Electrical utility with cherry pickers and tool trucks - the diversity of your fleet and your equipment is a special need... Read More
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