Products in the Fleet Management Marketplace

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  • Value Track 607 By GPS Systems, Inc

    The Value Track 607 is a low cost full time tracking unit that can provide 5, 2 or 1 minute updates. NO CONTRACT REQUIRED. The unit provides start and stop times, stop lengths, idle time, ignition on and off, mileage driven, routes followed, addresses, and map views of every location. The... Read More
  • Van Bodies By Reading Truck Body, LLC

    Aluminum and FRP Dry Freight and Cut-Away Van Bodies Rugged American van bodies by Reading are primarily used for transporting cargo that requires protection from the elements and must be kept secure. Applications for the Rugged American Dry Freight Van Body and Citi-Van products include... Read More
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs By Information Display Company

    Eliminate any questions regarding the current posted speed and catch the attention of drivers. Our variable speed limit signs are useful in locations such as school zones and commuter lanes where the speed limit changes regularly by time of day or day of the week. Variable speed limit signs are... Read More
  • Vehicle Customization By QEK Global Solutions

    Think more than hotrods when you think custom — at QEK we put original and sophistication in the line. Our team of specialists offer unique modifications to improve vehicle performance, enhance the styling of your vehicle or execute a ground-up design. Regardless of your end-goal, you cannot... Read More
  • Vehicle Event Services By QEK Global Solutions

    From ride-and-drives, and executive demos to major product launches, QEK has provided superior event services to the automotive OEMs and their partners for more than 20 years with full range services, vehicle preparation and behind the scenes event logistics: Press/media fleet events Ride &... Read More
  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction By Plymovent Corp.

    Based on our experiences gained over decades working in the air treatment business, Plymovent has developed a proven approach, we call engineered solutions. This approach ensures clean air in your working environment with a cost effective and easy operational system. The process involves 7... Read More
  • Vehicle Management By QEK Global Solutions

    We know your fleet is among your most valuable assets that's why we treat it as our own. We also know that fleet management is a difficult job. A fleet manager must determine what vehicle best fits the budget, from vehicle acquisition, maintenance, repair, compliance, policies, to disposal... Read More
  • Vehicle Optimization Model By Donlen

    Through our proprietary Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM), an interactive system that makes vehicle lifecycling analysis more realistic, Donlen navigates your fleet around the hurdles that could cost your fleet money. Comparing vehicle selection and cycling options with Donlen’s powerful,... Read More
  • Vehicle Remarketing By FLD, Inc.

    For more than 30 years, FLD, Inc. has been successfully providing a single source of vehicle remarketing throughout North America. Whether you are searching for a direct buyer of end-of-term vehicles and rolling equipment or looking to sell vehicles on your own, FLD’s four cornerstone... Read More
  • VEHICLE TITLE TRANSFERS By Affordable Auto Title & Notary-(Harris/Montgomery/Fort Bend Counties- Tx)

    We specialize in handling complex vehicle title transfers in state or out of state.We do them all ! Read More
  • Vehicle Track Connected By GPS Systems, Inc

    Vehicle Track Connected provides live GPS tracking of your fleet delivering updates as often as every 30 seconds. NO CONTRACT REQUIRED. PURCHASE OR RENTAL AVAILABLE. It provides you with a web based account that allows you to see where your vehicles are at all times. You'll have easy access to... Read More
  • Vehicle Tracker On Verizon Network By LiveViewGPS Inc.

    GPS Vehicle Tracking System VLS 300VZ - Verizon Network Verizon Network CDMA GPS tracker Real-Time Reporting Uses: Fleets, Company Vehicles, Personal Vehicles Locate With Any Cellphone Never Lose Data - Store & Forward Integration The VLS 300VZ is a hardwired vehicle tracking system.... Read More
  • Vehicles / Trailers By Pelsue Company

    Pelsue vehicles have set the standard for mobile efficiency. Whether you are looking for a Power Trailer for manhole and underground maintenance, or a lightweight Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer for a traveling "clean room" Pelsue has a trailer or truck to meet your needs. Our vehicles feature... Read More
  • VideoManager Software By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    Every Digital Ally video system comes complete with user-friendly software to allow playback, searching and retrieving video, annotating, file management and archiving as well as optional wireless file transfer and updates from/to the video system. Video may be played using standard Windows... Read More
  • Violation Management By Donlen

    Violation Management is Donlen’s proactive electronic violation processing solution, designed to reduce risks and cut costs for your fleet. Our comprehensive program can help fleets save up to 80% compared with traditional violation processing methods by transferring liability and simplifying... Read More
  • VS500M/VS600M By Virage Simulation Inc

    Optimize your abilities to evaluate, train and or rehabilitate drivers and their driving performance with a simulator-based driving solution. Address road safety issues with relevant training scenarios. Address driver attitudes with visual and objective measure of their driving performance.... Read More
  • VTC 2000 By NEXCOM

    Intel® Atom™ N270 Fanless In-vehicle Computer Main Features Intel® Atom™ N270 processor Availability of GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/GPS/BT e13 mark EN50155 certification Power ignition on/off and delay-time control Low voltage protection High anti-vibration performance Read More
  • VTC 2100 By NEXCOM

    Intel® Atom™ D410 Fanless In-vehicle Computer Main Features Build-in Intel® Atom™ D410 1.6GHz processor Internal wireless communication (3.5G, GSM/GPRS,WLAN, BT) Smarter ignition power on/off, delay-time and low voltage protection PCI-104 and mini card for expansion 8~60V wide range... Read More
  • VTC 6000 By NEXCOM

    Intel® Atom™ Z510/Z530 Fanless In-vehicle Computer Main Features Build-in Intel® Atom™ Z510/Z530 processor Availability of GSM/GPRS/WCDMA/HSDPA/GPS e13 mark certification External smart battery back up support Power ignition on/off delay control Circuitry design for low power... Read More
  • VTC 6100 By NEXCOM

    Intel® Atom™ N270 Fanless In-vehicle Computer Main Features Build-in Intel® Atom™ N270 processor Availability of GSM/GPRS/WCDMA/HSDPA/GPS e13 mark certification External smart battery back up support Power ignition on/off delay control Circuitry design for low power protection... Read More