SambaSafety Unveils Industry-Leading Advanced Reporting and Customization Features

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DENVER, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloud-based driver monitoring market leader SambaSafety released significant enhancements to its continuous driver monitoring platform, Qorta, delighting customers with new workflow tools, improved alerting and deeper integration of MVR and CSA data insights, among other new capabilities.

Reduce Risk. Lower Costs. Save Lives.

These innovations streamline an organization's driver risk management program and are especially valuable in companies with larger driver populations. Qorta customers of all sizes benefit from the industry's most comprehensive view of driver risk and material administrative efficiencies.

Benefits of Qorta monitoring now include:

  • Workflow management queues all new driver alerts and highlights changes, ensuring users will never miss critical information on driver risk;
  • Workflow assignment allows users to set status, add notes and direct a colleague to take ownership of an alert, while maintaining a record of their work;
  • Custom fields allow organizations to add company-specific driver attributes into Qorta, enhancing reporting capability and customization;
  • Enhanced workflow tools make it easier than ever to initiate actions on and manage reporting for large sets of drivers at once;
  • Direct access to an expansive library of CSA reports and scorecards, allowing safety and compliance departments to understand their CSA scores like never before

These enhancements have been made available to customers subscribing to the associated Qorta module.

SambaSafety is committed to continuous evolution of our market-leading Qorta platform, ensuring it stays ahead of the fast-moving needs of all customers. Qorta enables companies to protect their employees, greater community, brand and bottom line. Today's enhancements allow them to gain that value with greater efficiency.

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